Friday, August 14, 2009

Clean Shaves are Louder Than Bombs

McFadyn: We aren't sexist either. We're playing on women's rights during the last part of the last century. That's all. As for the lack of updates and other strange occurrences, we're sorry and we'll make it up to you. Basically we've been waiting on a website for some time now and we're sick of waiting, so here they all are. This blog will be the official unofficial space for LtB for at least the near future. We'll have a new start come next week, which means that every Tuesday and Friday you can expect a new LtB for your reading pleasure.

Let me just clarify some things so that I don't keep getting the same messages. I'm the artist. Jay's the writer. We're both brothers living on the sunny beaches of Canada. Alberta, Canada to be exact. I'm pretty open for chats or talks, so anything you guys want to ask is cool with me. Now art talk. The art seems all over the place I know, but its all about trying new things and seeing what works best. I tend to get a script from Jay and I just feel like a certain style of way of doing things fits best with the comic. So I'll be doing things as full pages as the one above, comic strips, our own way of doing strips (3 panels up and down) and so on. So if none of them look like they're from the same artist, too bad, cause they are all done by me. Most of the tools I use are: a toothbrush, steak knife, couple of brushes and speedball ink. I'll make a video sometime here to show you guys how I do what I do. A bunch of you have expressed some interest in that so I figure I'd give you what you asked for. Look for it soon.

Alright. So in recap. Tuesdays and Fridays. We're back. Don't worry, be happy.


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